The proven step-by-step system for scaling your business to the next level

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Hi! I’m Lee Hodgins.


I’m a Canadian business coach who has travelled, lived and worked all over the world, including spending 5 years working overseas in the Middle East.


I’m an organizational design and business process excellence expert who has a slight obsession with business transformation. I love helping business owners unlock their personal and business potential, get in the mindset for success and achieve breakthroughs that change their business journeys forever!


I’ve spent over 3 decades fine-tuning my skills with business owners and organizations from a multitude of industries spanning over 30 countries across 5 continents and multiple nationalities, religions and ethnicities. And what I’ve learned is that scaling a business you’ve built from the ground-up can be frustrating, anxiety-inducing and costly when you’re trying to figure it out on your own.


I mean, have you ever found yourself caught up in the day-to-day of your business while having that nagging feeling that you should think bigger?


And all the information you’ll find for business owners looking to scale will make your head spin! But it’s mindblowing how much you can accomplish with the help of a coach who will focus on your mindset, help you find your laser focus and provide the tested resources to get you there. I’ve got your back – so let’s get to work!

I’ve created a 6-week custom coaching program that will take you through six essential steps for business transformation. 

We’ll start with you and your mindset, then identify your pain points and priorities and go through every aspect of your business to identify what stands in your way and how to address it based on the latest best practices, trends and rules of your industry. 

Scaling a business is complicated work – but with some structure, guidance and my decades of experience in your corner, we’ll tackle scaling your business one step at a time for results that will continue to serve you for a long time.

No fluff. No BS. Just results.

What you’ll learn during our time together will give you the right tools, mindset and motivation to achieve your scaling goals..


When you have a step-by-step plan, making strategic decisions that get you the right results will no longer be so intimidating. In fact, you will feel you are in control and confident in your scaling process!


And I’d love the chance to help show you how.

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