The proven step-by-step system for scaling your business to the next level

“The Proven Step by Step Hiring Interview System That Gets You The Best Employees Ever”

INTRODUCING: Guerrilla Interviewing

Finally a proven and practical hiring interview system to help small business owners,

entrepreneurs and non-professional hiring managers take control of their Interviewing process,

boost their hiring results and explode their new employee success rates.

Welcome to the training course for employers who are struggling to get effective results from their employee hiring interviews.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You think to yourself, “Doing hiring interviews is harder than I thought! How do I conduct interviews in a way that gets me the right employee for my organization?”

The techniques and strategies I teach in Guerrilla Interviewing have helped turn the small business owners, entrepreneurs and non-professional hiring managers I’ve worked with into highly effective, results-oriented interviewers. Now you can learn these strategies too.

It may seem complicated and time consuming, but it’s not.

Did You Know

You can accurately zero in on the perfect candidates for your
organization by using a simple, proven employee interviewing
system that I’ve built, specifically for busy hiring managers
and business owners like you.

Have you ever wondered why you are:

  • Rushing to try and hire new employees without a clear idea of how to do it
  • Struggling to find the time, resources and people you need to help you interview
  • Stressing about your lack of practical, in-depth knowledge on how to interview to get the right employees
  • Wasting time trying to find quality tools on employee hiring interviews
  • Frustrated because you hired someone too quickly (and then wished you didn’t)
  • Discovering your new hires’ words quickly didn’t match their actions
  • Disappointed that you forgot (or didn’t know!) to ask certain critical hiring questions in the interview.
  • Regretting very soon after you hired someone that you’re stuck with the wrong person and then finding yourself trying to “make it work”
  • Just plain confused about how to do an employee interview that gets you the results you want – THE RIGHT EMPLOYEE!
If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place! Let me explain…
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Hi! I’m Lee Hodgins and I’m a hiring interview expert with 30+ years experience in Human Resources. I’ve conducted literally thousands of employee hiring interviews helping all kinds of hiring managers.


Throughout my career I’ve interviewed and hired employees from across the globe. I’ve helped companies & organizations of all shapes, sizes, industries and geographic locations. When it comes to the employee interview, I’ve seen it all! 


I’ve been in the trenches for decades (no joke) with frustrated employers like you who struggle to find the right employees at the right time, for the right roles.


Now I’ve finally turned my signature interviewing system into a premium training program so I can make this interviewing technology available to every employer who’s ready to land the employees they need and deserve.

Here’s The Secret

Guerrilla Interviewing is a complete and effective hiring interview system I’ve created especially so you can use it to prepare for and conduct hiring interviews that will get you the results you need without wasting time trying to discover these skills all on your own.

It’s designed with the non-expert hiring manager or business owner in mind, to help you interview with confidence – so you can do awesome interviews and get back to spending your valuable time running your business.

Tell me if this

sounds familiar:

“How will I find the time

to do all

these interviews?”

  • Should you give up your time running your business to prepare for these interviews?
  • Do you waste hours of your time trying to learn this on your own?

  • How do you know what questions to ask?

  • Who should be doing the interviewing?
  • What should you avoid talking about during the interviews?

  • How will you know which candidate answered the best?

These are all typical questions my clients ask me all the time.

I’ve found a very simple step by step formula that once my clients got to know and use, their interview performance and results exploded.


Guess what? I’m going to show you how you can 10x your interview results, using this same system. No “academic theory” here (although everything I teach has been researched and tested). Only proven, practical, results-focused interviewing methods and strategies are taught.

Everything I teach has come from the trenches and is based on real-life experiences I’ve seen in countless interviews over the past 3 decades.

It’s been a long road but we’re finally here!

For those of you that have been following me, it’s taken 2 years of intensive research and several versions, but I’ve finally perfected the training and now I want to share my 30 years of expertise with you.

Now you too, can do highly effective hiring interviews each and every time, using this simple step by step system.

Inside Guerrilla Interviewing, you’ll find 6 learning modules of in-depth video
training. At the end of the training you will have a complete roadmap & set of
skills to not only deliver like a professional on your next employee interviews,
but also get the results you need – the Right Employee for you and your business!

Here’s What You’re Going To
Get In Guerrilla Interviewing:

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Module 1 – The Three Key
Foundations to a Hiring Interview
That Gets You Results

  • You MUST have these 3 keys mind BEFORE you even begin your interviewing process.
  • Crucial ingredients in creating and delivering a killer hiring interview
  • Interviews that focus you on the results you want in terms of a great hire.

Module 2 – Doing The Perfect Hiring Interview That Gets Results (Without Killing Yourself!)

  • At the end of the day, you want to do interviews that get the hiring results you need, right??
  • Module 2 will be all about creating the interview process & structure you will need to deliver interviews that bring those results! This isn’t rocket science.
  • You don’t need a PHD in astro-physics or Human Resources or any higher education at all in order to develop, plan and deliver great hiring interviews!
  • This is Guerrilla Interviewing, which means getting results quickly and efficiently, using the technology and methods in this module.

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Module 3 – Interview Flow: Asking The Right Questions & Saying The Right Things

  • Hiring Interviews are all about the questions you ask! This seems obvious!
  • In this module you will learn the details of putting together questions for the interview that are designed to get to the heart of whether the candidate is someone who will work well for you and your organization.
  • You will learn in-depth, the design, formatting and delivery of these questions.
  • You will also learn the best conversation flow for an interview, that engages the candidate in the ways you need in order to properly evaluate them for the role.

Module 4 – The Ultimate Interview Planner & Quick-Start Guide

  • This module is all about how to make your life way easier as you plan and deliver on your interviews.
  • One of the things you want to avoid is that feeling of overwhelm as you prepare for an interview process.
  • This module is your short-cut to getting it done quickly and effectively.
  • The ultimate tactical Guerrilla Playbook and Quick Start Guide!
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Module 5 – Controlling The Interview

  • From legal issues to difficult candidates.
  • How to keep the interview from falling off the rails!
  • This module is really about avoidance and control.
  • How to avoid the worst of all worlds when doing an interview process.
  • In the end, this training is all about achieving the hiring results you want while remaining professional in your approach.
  • CONTROLLING the interview is crucial to this outcome! 

Module 6 – After The Interview, Now What?

  • The interview is done, now what do you do?
  • This module is all about the critical step of evaluating your candidates and debriefing how the interview went.
  • Steps to making an accurate and informed final hiring decision.
  • You will learn 4 simple but powerful techniques to help you get over the final hurdle of the interview process: That of figuring out who is your overall best candidate from the interviews and who you want for the role! 
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The Final Hiring Decision & Beyond: Making The Offer Of Employment & Onboarding Your New Employee

  • In this module, you’ll learn all about what is often regarded as the forgotten part of the Interviewing process:
  • The final hiring decision and the offer of employment!
  • You will learn 3 key steps to making a clear, confident final hiring decision and then getting your chosen candidate across the finish line.
  • You will also learn some common things to avoid and some important things to make sure you make happen as part of the hiring decision and employment offer.


You’ll also get access to these advanced tools & resources:

The Guerrilla V.I.P. Facebook Group

Lifetime membership in our exclusive members only private support group on Facebook. Get up-to-the-minute feedback, input and answers to your questions and concerns from like-minded business owners and hiring managers. Share insights and gain valuable knowledge from people who are on the same journey and doing the exact same training as you.


Plus, I will be making REGULAR VISITS to the group, answering your questions and sharing as much of my knowledge as you need.

The Guerrilla Interviewing Resource Library

You will also have access to the exclusive library of interviewing tools and materials. This isn’t your ordinary library either. This data bank is stuffed full of valuable samples, templates, checklists, guides and other practical tools to help you plan, organize and conduct pro – style hiring interviews that deliver the employees you need.

This vault of information will be your handy supply of practical, useful digital downloads giving you all the tools you’ll need to make your interview planning and delivery as smooth and effective as possible. Here’s a sample list of just a few of the resources the library will offer:

  • The Ultimate Interview Planning Tool – Much like a project planning guide, this baby will help you set up and track your complete interview process from start to finish.
  • Interview Agenda Template – All you will need to organize and deliver during the actual interview inself.
  • The Guerrilla Interview Guide – The definitive step-by-step manual on conducting the perfect interview. You’ll never be lost for what to do and how to do it.
  • The Guerrilla Interviewing Candidate Rating & Debriefing tool An automated spreadsheet matrix form that allows you to collect, tabulate and rate all your interview candidates so you can track and score each one. You’ll never have to guess at who was your best overall candidate again.
  • Sample Interview Questions for you to take and use or adapt to your own interviewing needs.
  • Sample Employment Offer Letters,
    for the final hiring process.
And many more tools and materials.
The library is constantly being updated with new info
and materials so you’ll want to check back often.


You’ll also get exclusive access to this SPECIAL BONUS –

The Guerrilla Interviewing
Coaches Corner


You will get 60 days of weekly 1 hour personalized group
coaching with me! Bring your questions, issues and challenges
and I will give you my undivided attention during this
exclusive weekly huddle.



As the course grows over time, you will be grandfathered in. You’ll never have to pay a penny more for updates, changes, new technology or new versions of the course. You will always have full access to the course and all your original bonuses and materials.

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When you enroll today and lock in all your bonuses you’ll get a full 30 days to evaluate the course to make sure it’s right for you. If you change your mind within the 30 days just let us know and we will refund 100% of your investment – No questions asked.


How much will I need to invest in Guerrilla Interviewing premium training?

And Yes, no matter which payment option you choose, you get full access to the entire program including all the bonus materials and the additional training resources.

You’ll also get our no-questions-asked unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Full Access To The
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